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Roger's Looms

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This is my new site where you can get information about rectangle looms and see what I have made.  I have rectangle looms and triangle looms for sale at my Etsy shop - 

You can also buy items directly from me.  I can send you a PayPal invoice to pay for a loom, with a 5% discount off the Etsy price.  Email me at to have me hold a loom for you, or to inquire about a custom order. 

Or, you can contact me and arrange to send payment by postal mail and get 10% off the Etsy price.  Either way I will figure the shipping cost exactly to your location.  The listings on Etsy have a flat-rate shipping cost regardless of your location.  If you are buying through my Etsy shop I can look up the shipping to your location to see if it can be less than the listed shipping cost.  I would not increase the Etsy shipping cost if it turns out to be more.

I got into gourds and grew this hardshell dipper gourd and tied it in a knot when it was young and tender.  Then I bought a computer and a digital camera and got on the internet and learned how to use open-source software to make a .gif image.  It is actually a series of still photos briefly presenting just like the old paper flip books.  If you have lived as long as I you will remember those.

View from a farm December 30, 2014

Below - 2 days and 16 inches of snow later

Flowering wild vines Summer of  2013

Datura flowers 6 inches diameter Summer 2013

Summer 2013 Monsoon brings second spring