Hualapai Mtns in the distance. Often have snow in winter.  The mondel or afghan pines were planted, do not require watering.

Below are photos of Alan's property.  The Aquarius Mtns. are in Mohave County, Arizona.

Datura flowers 6 inches diameter Summer 2013

Summer 2013 Monsoon brings second spring

Flowering wild vines Summer of  2013.  Not every summer has this much rain.

View from my farm December 30, 2014.  The southwest facing slope doesn't have as many juniper of pine trees as the more northern facing hills.

Below - 2 days and 16 inches of snow later

I got into gourds and grew this hardshell dipper gourd and tied it in a knot when it was young and tender.  Then I bought a computer and a digital camera and got on the internet and learned how to use open-source software to make a .gif image.  It is actually a series of still photos briefly presenting just like the old paper flip books.  If you have lived as long as I you will remember those.

The house has good screens all around base to keep out critters.  Also screens on windows.

Roger's Looms

Roger's Looms

Hideaway Homestead

Rectangle Experiment

This is my new site where you can get information about rectangle looms and see what I have made.  I have rectangle looms and triangle looms for sale at my Etsy shop - 

Property for sale here in the Aquarius Mtns, Mohave County Arizona.   

40 acres at the base of Snow Mountain, includes a newer 14x40 modular home.  He wants to sell this parcel and build on another parcel he owns here on Windmill Ranch.  I will be posting photos of this property and others.  This area is a relatively new development and a new community is starting out here.  All parcels are 40 acres or more.  We all have to make our own electric which is easy with new technology.   This property for sale is 10 miles back from the paved highway, 4500' elev.

 If interested, email me at and I can put you in contact with owner.  You can get this remote property for 60 thousand or less, includes house.  All permits are legal, including septic system.

     Property for sale Photos at bottom of this page.