Roger's Looms

The cabin back when I had satellite internet.  The metal shutters on the south windows can close during the parts of hot days when the sun's rays come in.   In cold weather I want the sun's heat coming in.

Unartful Dodger

Trouble, Missy, and Doolan, my puppy  who is now full grown.  Doolan's daddy is Dalton.  Parents are in photo below.  Sissy had such a good disposition. Died 7-17-13.  I loved her so much.

The Great Pyrenees dog is not for your urban settings.  But for a farm or ranch, they know what to do to keep your animals and you safe.  Their sense of smell, hearing, night vision and other  senses are many times better than humans.  They want to do this.  The loud barking when they sense something out there is what they do as part of their chosen job.  If you or your neighbors can't handle it, this is not the dog for you.

     For once in her life, I bred my female Great Pyr to a good purebred male.  She got very sick with infection after giving birth. She recovered but died more than a year later.  The underlying cause could have been changes from her previous illness or could have been due to a tumor that may have re-occurred from a few years earlier. 

      I wanted a pup and had friends that wanted two.  I wanted another Pyr that was related to the one I had.  There was not a problem getting the others to homes that needed them for animal protection.  It was the farthest thing from a "puppy mill".   But I caught grief for having a litter of pups in that my craigslist ad was taken down by some do-gooder.  Like they didn't want these dogs to be matched with people wanting and needing them,;and that would save the world.  Maybe they think you should get a chijuawa or poodle to guard your animals.  I agree that animals shouldn't be allowed to reproduce beyond control and people should look for rescue pets. But rural or ranch life is beyond the ken of some people. Stray dogs or burros, if there were any in the area, could not get inside my 16 fenced acres to breed a fertile animal.  So the spay and neuter plan which is a good idea for most places, just not relevant here.

Hideaway Homestead -  My off grid homestead at 4600' in Arizona   

  I am trying to be more self-sufficient, the last few years I had chickens for free range eggs for me and a few neighbors. I can do more to make my own food, it just takes hard work and intention.   I have gardens and a fridge box raised bed growing parsnips.     In the photo below are Jenny and her daughter Gidget.  Gidget will be going to live with a neighbor when she is old enough, where she gets to be friends with several horses.
    I have been adding more grazing animals to this farm in order to keep the grass and weeds down that come with the seasons.  This will make the farm look better and be safer.

ABOUT - Hideaway Homestead

     My homestead is in a remote location which doesn't have a power grid.  This is the case with thousands of properties in this region, across North America and all over the world.  With modern technology such as solar panels, deep cycle batteries, cell phone systems, satellite internet and TV, this is not a problem.  Those with home power systems aren't subject to grid  failures so actually have a security that people on the grid don't have.    

      The solar panels you are seeing on rooftops that are grid-tied do provide power to the grid - when the sun is out; but when the grid goes down these people are out of power like everyone else on the grid.  People don't necessarily know this when they sign up and get all the subsidies and tax breaks. 

      I can see the glow in the sky at night from the Phoenix area maybe 150 miles away.  All that energy to make this light, and the energy for air conditioning and other uses at night comes from sources other than solar and wind.  So until they invent an affordable way to store energy for massive systems, solar  can only provide at a maximum the percentage of energy that is used during the day.  If you want 100% solar and wind, figure a way to have the grid shut down at night and on cloudy days and have the people be OK with using their grid energy only when it is available to them.

Part of the plan is to use other sources than electricity for such things as cooking and heating water and house heating. Energy efficiency is what makes a home system affordable.  You can buy a big, expensive system but just the battery replacement cost means the on-going expenses will also be costly. 

I used to have a page on affordable alternative power,HERE it is as a pdf file. This is not a webpage, links don't link.