Roger's Looms

Here the loom has been adjusted down 2 sizes to the 18 inch square.  This loom adjusts in 3" steps.  Two screws at each corner secure the loom frame.  The screws turn into pre-tapped holes so they are easy to turn.  The in-between size not shown is a 21" square.  The  smaller the loom size the more the excess rails extend out.  The larger sizes may be more practical to use, depending on how you use them and how much space you have.

Here the fine sett loom is adjusted to full 24" size.  There are 98 pins on each side.  Made of Oak wood, fine sanded with a hand rubbed MinWax finish applied.  There are five square sizes for this loom. 

My price for this 24" Fine Sett 4 piece adjustable square loom is $95.00 plus shipping.  The Medium Sett 24" square loom would be $90.00.  I will have these on Etsy  when I have them made.

This is the smallest square, 12 inches, that can be made with this 24" loom.  The 15" square not shown.  The 4 long rails are all equal so it doesn't matter which one attaches to the other.  The provided screws can be installed with either a Phillips screwdriver or a #2 square driver. (recommended)

A 12" x 24" rectangle can also be formed.  Other shapes are possible but would not be multiples of the width which is what you would want for continuous strand weaving.

   I can now make adjustable square looms, with either the Medium Sett (5/16") or Fine Sett (1/4") spacing.  I made and sold a 24" Fine Sett adjustable loom to fill an order.  See photos and description of the 24" fine sett square loom below. 

   I have a 3' medium sett adj. square loom ready to sell but not listed on Etsy,  let me know if you are interested.  Dec. 2016.

Hideaway Adjustable Square Looms