Finished shawl made from llama fiber

Customer's first shawl made on a Hideaway rectangle loom .

Above photos show continuous strand weaving done on looms made using  my Hideaway pin arrangement formula.

Finished shawl - made on a Hideaway 7' fine sett triangle loom - Arkansas

Customer with 6' Hideaway triloom and easel.

Eastern Washington, homegrown Romney and Rambouillet wool.  Leah has an Etsy shop, PromisedLandFibers.

Assortment from Billings, Montana.   Nice display, thank you for showing me what you made with the loom.

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Customer Photos

Roger's Looms

Margaret in Alabama using her new HIDEAWAY adjustable square loom, December 2017.  This Fine Sett (1/4" spacing) loom was a custom order.

Claudia in Washington state made this July 2019