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     Above - The scarf loom set at the 9" width, next to longest length.  I discovered the proper pin arrangement system to achieve a perfect weaving rectangle.  This can be applied to any approximate rectangle length,  based on the number of pins (nails) of the width.  I also discovered (maybe you could say invented?) a good weaving method that is easy to use.  I include those weaving instructions you can get at the top of this page.

      I call it my scarf loom because it is long enough for an average scarf.  I was limiting my lowest cost rectangle loom set in length so it would ship at regular UPS Ground rates.  Now UPS has changed their length limits so I expanded the length a few inches to a full 5 feet long.

    This 57" 'scarf loom' has been replaced by a 5' rectangle loom (actually 61").  8mm (5/16") is the spacing between the pins.  It has 10,12, & 15" width options.  It is a 6 piece set.  Use the top and bottom long rails and the left end rail each time to create 10 different rectangles.  The other 3 pieces are the movable right end rails.  Change the setting at the lower left corner and choose the matching  movable right end rail to change widths.  Move the right end rail to pre-set positions to change lengths and still get a perfect pin arrangement for continuous strand weaving.  Color coded marks show which pins will be the rectangle corners.  Pins to be used for the initial strand turns are also marked with the same color.  I call these the 'turning points'.


Rectangle Looms For Sale

Hideaway 57" rectangle loom, being replaced by a 5' model with slightly different widths and longer lengths.  10 rectangle settings in all.

This is the upper left corner of the new Scarf loom.  The blue "A" marks were put on this photo to show how the assembly is done.  The actual marks on the oak wood do not show when assembled.   With this new design, this is the corner that stays connected whatever width or length you are using.  That simplifies the positioning of the 'start' or 'S' logo.    All my instructions for weaving use this corner as the starting corner, and markings for rectangle corners and turning points for the initial strand don't come out right if you don't start in the upper left corner.  It is about syncing the loom orientation with the weaving instructions.   The longest piece is 58.1" long, and ships in a box that is less than 60" long. 

Same loom changed to the 11" width, also at the next to longest possible rectangle.  Makes a finished scarf about 10 inches wide when taken off the loom. This finished width depends on the thickness of yarn used, the thicker the yarn and the looser you weave, the wider the result.

This time loom is set for a 14" rectangle using the entire length which is 4 times the width.  You could also weave on a rectangle that is 2 or 3 times this width.  The finished weaving should be over 12.5" wide, but that depends on how bulky the yarn, also on how loosely you weave.  The skinnier the yarn, the more the bias fabric will stretch out in length and narrow in width.

72" Hideaway Medium Sett Rectangle Loom

72" Hideaway Rectangle Loom Is a larger version of the 'Scarf Loom' above.  Also has the 5/16" or medium pin spacing.   It has the maximum width of 18 inches which makes a weaving 4 'squares' long, or about 72". The other width choices are 9" and 12". Works just like the 57" model shown in photos above, but has a brace to keep the long rails from being pulled inward under yarn tension at the long settings.  Makes for a strong long loom structure with the brace.  Another advantage of the brace is that very short rectangles & squares can be woven on this loom, as the brace stabilizes the excess long rail ends to the right side. 

     I can now make a knockdown version of a 72" rectangle loom, one that can ship anywhere in the world via Priority Mail International.  You can email me at

Fine Sett Hideaway Rectangle Looms

I can make  a Fine Sett version of the 5'  or 6' adjustable rectangle loom. As of Apr. 2018 I still have a 57" fine sett scarf loom listed on Etsy.  It has 1/4" pin spacing all around.  Otherwise the same as the Medium Sett.  Fine Sett looms are more difficult to weave on unless you have fine yarn.  I recommend these for experienced weavers who know this, and want to use fine yarn such as fine homespun.  If I don't have any listed on Etsy email me to inquire.  I can also make a knockdown version of a Fine Sett rectangle loom as a custom order.

Below are photos of the fine sett 72" rectangle loom.  It works best with fine yarn.  Heavier yarn like worsted weight will be harder to use with the fine spacing.  The red dot in the second photo is a 'turning point' that I followed when making the first single strand run.

Above, an earlier version of my rectangle looms, with a wool scarf being taken off.  The arrangement of the pins around the rectangle allow for there to be a perfect final weaving path for the last strand of the continuous strand weaving.  This I discovered by trial and error after looking for this solution off and on for several years.  I also found that a right-return rectangle continuous weaving method is easier to use.  Assembly and weaving instructions come with a loom purchase and you can see or get these files now on the Rectangle Loom Information page.   Look for my looms for sale on my Etsy shop. 

   If you are looking at my site here and are interested in any of my looms you see listed on Etsy, contact me with the 'contact' page or with my email and I can sell to you directly at a discount.  I will figure exact shipping and send you a PayPal invoice.
Hideaway Medium Sett Modular (adjustable) Rectangle Looms

The medium sett models have 8mm (5/16") pin spacing. These are pin-frame looms for weaving, not knitting.   All have settings for many different rectangle sizes. The settings are color-coded by width.  The turning points are also marked in that same color - all you have to do to start weaving is tie off the starting yarn end and zig-zag down the loom, following the marked turning point pins.  You can see my pdf file with the weaving instructions and assembly instructions to learn more about these looms. 

    Chart below shows the 16 possible shapes and sizes available with my 72" Hideaway rectangle loom set.  The smaller loom model also has 3 width choices, each with multiple length possibilities; 10 sizes in all.