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Adjustment Sizes

     For my 7' adjustable triangle looms I have been making the size 7', 6.5', 6', 5.5', 5'.& 4.5'.  The adjustment settings are every 6 inches, going down from the largest size.  I have started making the looms adjust to smaller sizes even though I do not think it is practical for a 'pinwheel' style adjustable triloom  with one-piece rails to be used at such a small size.  The 6' triloom shown in photos below adjust down to 3'.

      My looms have one-piece oak rails that are very strong.  Even though tri continuous strand weavers know to weave loosely, sometimes the tension can get very tight and lots of strain is put on the wood rails.

Triloom Frame Strength

    A standard pin spacing 7' (84") loom with 1/2" hypotenuse spacing has 169 pins on each side.

    My medium sett 7' loom has 191 pins on each side.  13% more on each side than standard sett.

    My fine sett 7' loom has 238 pins on each side.  41% more than standard sett.

Each strand of yarn exerts a pull on the loom frame rails.  The more strands of yarn, the more strain on the loom frame.  The tighter you weave, the more strain on the frame.  Towards the end of the project the weaving gets tighter and tighter and can be enough to bend the rails.  Or as some have found out with home-built looms, the tension can cause structural failure.   Just saying, looms with finer pin spacing need to be strong and one-piece oak rails are strong.

4 foot size, 4.5 foot size not shown.  This is what a 'pinwheel' adjustable triloom is about.

Full 6 foot which is 72 inch size

3 foot size, 3.5 foot size not shown.  This weaving size would be awkward to mount on an easel, but on a wall like this, it is possible.  The wall space needed is 8 feet horizontally and 5 feet vertically.   The 7 foot model at a 3ft adjustment needs even more wall space, at least 9.5 ft side to side.  I think I will start making the adjustable looms with small adjustments, just in case someone wants to use them or display them like this.  Wall art?

Showing detail of corner of 6ft medium sett triloom adjusted to 3ft size.

My 7' Hideaway Adjustable Triangle Loom has a weaving hypotenuse of  a full 84 inches at the largest setting. Some other common brands have sold looms that fall short of their advertised size.   Medium Sett shown here.

6ft adjustable triloom, adjusts down to 3ft in 6 inch increments.   I made the following series of photos to show how practical (or not) a pinwheel adjustable triloom can be.

Machine screws turn into hidden metal dowel nuts.   There are no fasteners showing from the front.  The back of the loom is smooth, it can be hung on a wall without damaging the wall.   My large Hideaway brand adjustable triangle looms have one-piece oak rails.

5 foot size, 5.5 foot size not shown

Large HIDEAWAY Adjustable Triloom Sizes, made as shown in detail at right.

6.5'   I have one made in Standard Sett, $252 plus shipping, Etsy price $265

7'      I could make you one in Standard Sett, $272, Etsy $290

           I have one made in Medium Sett, Etsy price $290

           I have one made in Fine Sett, Etsy price $325

8'        I have one made in Standard Sett, Etsy price $340

I make smaller HIDEAWAY adjustable trilooms in 3', 4', & 5', sizes.  These are made with narrower oak wood, using wood screw fasteners.  An example is shown near bottom of this page.  I can make these sizes in any of my pin spacing plans, but the ones I have made now are medium or fine sett.

Click here for Triangle Loom basic weaving instructions - continuous strand weaving.  Also look for youtube videos - Weaving on the Triangle

Explanation of Pin Spacing Choices That I have used.  This information might be useful to a Do It Yourselfer.

Fine Sett:                     Hypotenuse, slightly less than 3/8" (actually 9mm)            Sides, exactly 1/4"

Medium Sett:               Hypotenuse, slightly less than 7/16" (.442")                 Sides, exactly 5/16"

Standard 1/2" Sett:      Hypotenuse   1//2"                                                               Sides, exactly 9mm

You can see that the Medium Sett is about half way between the fine sett and the standard sett.

Smaller adjustable triangle looms, 3', 4', & 5' sizes.
   The first Hideaway brand adjustable triloom I  made was a 3' loom, medium sett, that adjusts down to 2.5', 2', and 1.5' sizes. The current version adjusts down in 3 or 4 inch increments.  The 3' size is a full 36" along the hypotenuse (long) side of the triangle.  The smaller you adjust this type of loom, the more you have extra wood rails sticking out in 3 directions.  Still, it is practical for use when it adjusts down a foot or so smaller than the largest hypotenuse measurement.  At first I used the mediuim sett pin spacing but I later figured out that I can make adjustable looms in fine seet too.   I can now make adjustable trilooms in any of the 3 pin spacing plans shown below.  Photo below shows the 3' adjustable triloom set at 2 1/2'.  I now use 2 fasteners at each corner.

7' Adjustable HIDEAWAY Triloom.  Above - Full Size.

Below: Adjusted down 2 sizes.

Tripod Easel sold separately.

Go to and you can see what I have presently have listed for sale there.   I can sell any of these looms directly to you if you contact me using the CONTACT link.  I can discount the Etsy price.  This is also a way to arrange for a custom order or if you have questions.  You can leave a review by using the "Contact" link, you can see reviews on the "Customer Photos" page.

    Pictured at right is one of my large Hideaway Adjustable Triangle Looms.  These triangle looms adjust like many others, in a "pinwheel" fashion.  That is: the smaller the adjusted size, the more the excess wood rails stick out in 3 directions.  In my opinion, the loom is most practical when used in one of the larger adjusted sizes.  I make them adjust down smaller as it is possible someone could use them at the smaller settings, for example hung on a large wall space.

Pin Spacing

     When I changed my method of making multi-size triangle looms, I made the adjustable loom with "Medium Sett" pin spacing.  This is about 7/16" between nails on the hypotenuse or long side.  This is a little closer than most triangle looms.  It seemed to suit a lot of continuous strand weavers, I made a lot of them.

    Now in May, 2017 I have started making my large adjustable trilooms in the standard 1/2 sett, the same as most triangle loom makers.  I may have been missing out on sales.  I want people to get the loom that works best for them, and the coarser sett can always be 'double woven' to get the tighter weave.  There are 2 ways to do this:  Use two strands as one or double up on some of the pins.  I will always be able to make someone a Medium or Fine Sett loom upon request.  If you don't see one in my Etsy shop, be sure to ask me.


Fine Sett Trilooms

    I can now make Fine Sett Adj. triangle looms of any size.  I may have some made, but not listed in my Etsy shop, inquire

   Fine Sett triangle looms might not be for beginners, unless you for sure have fine yarn.   

      An experienced triloom weaver will know whether they want one or not.  I usually sell fine sett trilooms to handspinners who want to use their thin yarns on a frame loom with close pin spacing. 

 Direct Sales:  I could sell you anything I have on Etsy or Ebay directly at a discount.  Contacting me via email will ensure you that I will hold the item for you until payment is received.   If you want to pay instantly, I can send a PayPal invoice, all I would need is your email address.  I will need to give you the mailing address and pay-to information if you want to send a check or MO.

     Either way, I will first have to get your zip postal code in order to figure the exact shipping, without handling charge, to your location.  I may have to package the loom first to get the shipping weight and dimensions thus the actual shipping cost. So it will take some back-and-forth communication. 

      Returns - I live in a place with no UPS, FedEx or USPS delivery.  I ship items by taking them to town, an 80 plus mile round trip, or by meeting the truck by chance 8 miles down off the mountain.  When I am making a loom for someone experienced in continuous weaving on the triangle, I do not have to consider that they won't be able to master the technique and ask for a return.  Of course I stand by the loom as a quality, usable product.

     Another reason I hate to take returns - When I ship a loom it is packaged to withstand rough handling.  I figured this out over the years.   A loom not re- packaged in the same way could get back to me in bad shape.

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