Folds fairly flat just by swinging the back leg forward.  When disassembled it can fit inside a 4" diameter tube.  Ships UPS Ground at UPS 'long package' rate as the 80" package is well over the 60" limit for regular rate.  I sometimes have one in my online shop on Etsy, or contact me at to arrange a direct sale.  Save by paying through PayPal after I send you the information or invoice, or save more by paying through postal mail after I send you the information you will need for a direct sale.  Etsy price - $159  plus shipping.

Detail showing how the brace bolts on behind the front legs, using the supplied carriage bolts, washers, and wingnuts.  A wingnut tightens the toggle block to clamp the loom rail. 

Roger's Looms

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Hideaway Homestead brand.  Toggle Blocks can be set at 9 different heights to support and clamp a frame loom.  A triangle loom mounted point down actually can have in-between heights as the point of the triangle allows the loom to be leveled when the block on one side is set higher or lower than the other side.  Front legs are 75"  high and spread 47" apart at the floor level.   Made of lightweight fir wood with oak wood for the toggle blocks. 

Holding a rectangle loom

Holding a 6' triangle loom

Tripod Easels For Sale

For Rectangle or Triangle Frame Looms

Detail of top.  Requires no tools to assemble, assembly instructions included.